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December 2020

Our Christmas Special 2020 - sheep are our favourite.

Because of the Covid we have to go outside so we sourced some sheep and went and did filming in a field in Long Itchington, Warks.

We had to get special hair and make-up in order for us to look so bad. Plus. We had to practice looking like this as it did not come naturally to us.

The costumes were made in 2002 for annA's production with Snitterfield Primary School 'The Lickle Sheep' performed by the after school group RowdyMusic!

annA made the music all by herself. She said "This is the most Christmassy music ever." She has called it 'Ewel-Tide'.

No sheep were worried during the making of this film.

As usual we did lots of larfing. We hope other people larf but we don't mind if they don't.

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