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Kitchen Tuning

19st Febry 2016

It is essential to scientifically determine the keys of rooms around your house especially the kitchen. Otherwise how will the kitchen fitters know what key to deliver your kitchen in ay?

Here's how we did it...


Chart 1.1 below shows the notes of each kitchen item and Chart 1.2 shows the frequency of those notes. These scientifically discovered notes all went towards determining the overall key of the kitchen which was concluded as being B minor or B 'blues' meaning D# was 'allowed' as the flexible 3rd means the key can be major or minor, or together with the flat 7th (A) and a construed 'flat' 3rd (D), and a similar 'flat' 5th (F), could be determined as a 'blues' key of B. There were more D naturals than D sharps (7 to !) which is why the overall conclusion was minor or blues. 


The notes Bb, C and G are not necessarily harmonically related to the key of B minor or B 'blues'. However we discovered that the items in the 'wrong' keys, such as the fridge and the freezer, which were both flat, were actually not functioning. It was interesting that the fridge and freezer were a semitone apart and were both not functioning correctly especially the freezer which emitted a very flat G when listened to with a stethoscope. This led us to the conclusion that kitchen items including appliances must be related harmonically or they will be liable to faults or dysfunctional operation.  

NB The note C# (Db) did not occur in any items. 


Kitchen Tuning Chart Results


Kitchen TuningChar Showing Frequency of Keys
Chalked results on kitchen wall
Kitchen Tuning Chart Close-up2
Tuning chart close-up
Exampe of chalked result on kitchen wall
Notated results on kitchen blackboard and wall
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