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Christmas By Tree

December 2021

Our Christmas Special for 2021

We spent a long time talking about and laughing about the idea for this.

And then we spent a long time thinking how to do it.


We spent a very such long time making ourselfs look like christmas trees for the idea.

It took a long time to make ourselfs look this crappy. We had to hunt for just the right exactly decorations and think everso carefully about the angels.

Then we made this film specially for christmas-time.

While filming we larfed.

And then.

We made the music.

While making the music well we larfed didn't we?

Also because we had put such a lot of effort into making the outfits well we had to do the extra film called "Christmas Tree Express"  didn't we?

We estimate that we spent 19 or 23 hours actually larfing during the making of this.

Possibly longer.

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