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Waving Sticks


10rd May 2017

Using natural materials from the outdoor space our iconic and surprising piece won Best New Stupid Piece for the 2016 Contemptible Dance Awards.

How remarkable.

Our R+D programme was based on a process of contact improvisation and pilates combined with progressive screaming and laughing which led to this dance being created over a series of minutes.

We also composed the soundscape in situ using just the materials we found around us in the space.

This consisted of a wood pile and tubes.


Also we done whistling and laughing and screaming.

Then. After that.

The project was challenging but we learnt from each other about how to wave sticks. We had to feel repsect for each other (worst luck). We found the sticks hurted our hands after a while so we had to stop.


So. We'd like to thank.


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