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Across Warwick By Pogo-Stick

June 2rd 2020

We thought we'd do this.

Well. Why not.

Anyway - it could be thought of as the 'daily exercise' thing.


Pogo-Stick is fun. These are vintage pogo-sticks.

More modern pogo-sticks might be more easier to operate. We don't know cos we haven't got any.

We thought maybe you would like to see Warwick by pogo-stick...

We have pogo-ed past some of our favourite shops and pogo-ed past, through or by some of Warwick's historicky buildingses.


It was a very hot day. 

We sustained these well-known pogo-stick injuries:

1. Hurty hip

2. Hurty achilles

3. Blister inside right thumb

4. Blister inside left thumb

5. Hurty shoulder

6. Bruised knee

7. Lump on inside knee

8. Etc


It's those Radar-Birds again ripping up Warwick on a pogo stick, comic genius!

Blimey my sides hurt .... brilliant!!!! My ears hurt too!                              CHRIS WHILE


Utterly bonkers, hypnotically charming, this is pure genius.                 JULIE MATTHEWS


...Compelling viewing! At least a great tour of Warwick centre.          YVONNE BENNETT                                                            

Far out !! What a bouncy experience. I'll just leave this here for a while.           KATH TAIT

Being Totally Nuts is one thing - BEING TOTALLY NUTS on a pogo-stick takes it to the next level. Should be an annual event. Or olympic sport. Or something!  BILL BATES

Monty Python lives!             PETE JENNINGS

Anna Ryder and Nicky Cure just put the bounce back in green! Perhaps Boris will introduce a grant to service your stick?                                            DAVE LITTLEHALES

Absolutely brilliant. You make it look so easy.                              MANDY BELLMAN

Another masterpiece, feel tired just watching you.                      STEPHEN DOE                                   

Delightfully stark staring bonkers!1 Only the Radar-birds could do it!!                                                              VAL LITTLEHALES

Strangely I found it moving, don’t ask me why, the music maybe. Or maybe it’s the effort you two put into it just to entertain and make people happy, it is a joy.

                                         PAUL ELLIOTT


Magnificent! A snapshot of surreal lockdown life in 2020. Some future historian will include this in their work on the madness of the 21st century.                         ANN VOCE

Wow should get paid by the tourist board for this great way to show you around Warwick love this.                    GAIL HARRIS

Excellent pogoing especially over the cobbles, although I think Anna may be more better at it than Nicky. Loved the bloody music too.                            LOUISE BATES

Marvelousnessnessnessness       MAT WHITE

O.M.G. There are no words for this! You made my day!                      ROBERT GORNE

I have no words .... !       LORRAINE NUCCOLL

This is a great tourist information film! Warwick will bounce back!      DAVE SKINNER

Top viewing and up to your usual highly inventive standards. Warwick seen from a completely new perspective! JOHN WRIGHT

I can see you both at the Oskar awards.... or is it sports personality of Britain!!

Loved the dadas in the incidental music.... which was quite clangery and very nice!                                      KEITH CRONSHAW

 An odessey. Bravo.                   MICK COX

I'm rather impressed, I have to say.

I couldn't even master one of those damn things when I was a kid! Respect!     

                                       LISA TROTMAN

Does it hurt?                TRACEY CAMERON 

Love it!             MICHELLE BAILEY-LELONG

Brilliant. This is a form of genius! 

                                        SIMON FRISBY

Bleedin' bloomin' hilarious !! And a great advert for Warwick - pass it on to the tourist board !! That tune is going to be stuck in my head all night now !!!!                                                     IAN McBRIDE

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