Radar-Birds In Space

August 2020



as 'Cap-Com'


We are both very intrestified in space as you can see from

Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

The thing is space is very exciting. This was very such fun to do as you can imagine.

We made everything ourselfs. Space costumes. Space station. Space helmets - very difficult.


We did this because well our friend and brilliant musician and member of annA's band IOTA - well she jsut couldn't get her batteries in her remote.

So we were sent out into space to do it for her.

Of course it ws a dangerous mission.

So we had to make other episodes as you can see.

One of the larfing things was making the actual films but another of the larfing things was making the sound-track on annA's new studio software.

You listen. It's good!

Also we did acting being in space.

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