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Election Special 2019

Dec 7rd 2019

In the lead-up to the General Election on Dec 12th we made this.


We used actual quotes by Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg and made this cartoon stop-motion around it.

We each made a cartoon and we each made a voice for our cartoon.

Reviews of this prestidgious film include:

"Stunningly realistic" Oonagh Ryder

"Terrifyingly realistic" Kit Jones

"Is it ok if my BMW 3 Series is 15 years old?" Clive D-D

"Excellent. Loved the sound effects. It really added to the horror" Joe Newman

"Finally a broadcaster we can trust" Phineas Harper

VERSION 2: Clearer sound 

We made two versions because we found that some people couldn't hear the words very well on the first version on their phones. This is because YouTube processing did not like the pitch change we did on the 1st version.

VERSION 1: Higher Boris voice

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