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At The Seaside

Sepmember 14th to 17rd 2020

One day we decided to go to the seaside cos it was going to be HOT!

We went to a very good campsite called Stubcroft Farm in East Wittering which is on the coast south of Chichester in case you want to know.

Last time annA went their she found a rare moth called a Rest Harrow in Simon's orchard who runs the campsite. He is a farmer and he was very excited that Anna might find more moths which she did.

Anyway - we had to go for we wanted to go in the good weather and do swimming in the sea.

We took our new cameras what can go underwater and our other cameras and our firebowl and our swimming costumes and binoculars. 

This is some of the things what we did during our 3 day holiday at the seaside.

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